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Cake-Masters Ball-Tool 4er Set

Product information “Cake-Masters Ball Tool Set of 4” Made of high-quality stainless steel, for thinning blossom leaves. The handle cover

Cake-Masters Cake Marker

Product information “Cake-Masters Cake marker“ You can mark contour lines with this cake marker. You can easily put on the

Cake-Masters Cake Steamer – Master 800

The cake steamer produce water steam, to steam fondant cakes and sugar dekorations.Unwanted residues can be cleared from icing sugar,

Cake-Masters Cutting roller

For making decorative ribbons made of roll icing or marzipan. In one working process you can produce several ribbons at

Cake-Masters Foam Pad

Product information “Cake-Masters Foam Pad” Basis for thinning flowers, frills etc. made of florist sugar paste. – 2 sides of

Cake-Masters Fondant Cutter & Embosser

Product information “Cake-Masters Fondant Cutter & Embosser” Fondant Cutter and Embosser with 3 different attachments, for cutting and stamping roll

Cake-Masters Fondant embossing cutter

Product information “Cake-Masters Fondant embossing cutter” The fondant embossing cutter cuts and embosses in one working step. 6 different tools

Cake-Masters Fondant embossing roll 3 piece set

Product information “Cake-Masters Fondant embossing roll 3 piece set” For creating decorations made of roll icing fondant or marzipan. 3

Cake-Masters Fondant Embossing Set

Product information “Cake-Masters Fondant Embossing Set” Fondant embossing set, 9-piece, with different patterns and ornaments. Diameter of the patterns: approx.

Cake-Masters Fondant Extruder

Product information “Cake-Masters Fondant extruder” Decorate your cakes with great plaits and braided ropes, with ribbons and grass. Create borders,

Cake-Masters Mini Ball Tool Set 5pcs.

Product information “Cake-Masters Mini Ball Tool Set 5pcs.” Out of high-quality stainless steel for fine and detail rich modeling work.

Cake-Masters Modelling tool needle

Product information “Cake-Masters Modelling tool needle” You can remove little elements from roll icing fondant and sugar paste and place